Lunachick Boutique strives to create a fun and joyful shopping experience grounded in self love and positivity. From the trendy young adult to the hip matriarch of the family, our there's something for everyone at Lunachick Boutique. We care about the community we serve and believe that we are only as strong as the community that surrounds us. Giving back to local organizations through fundraising events, College Scholarships and more is central to our business culture.

We are rolling out our #lunaselflove initiative which will includE:


Revamping our social media


Providing professional body positivity awareness training to our staff


Providing professional diversity training to our staff


Increasing our efforts to include more size ranges


Opening up the dialogue and working with local resources to support this initiative


Creating this website landing page for content from resources, bloggers, podcasts and more..

Please visit this page for updates on what we are doing.  As a small business owner, we are always trying to do better and be better. Thank you for your continued support.

Love -
Laura and Greg Rothstein #lunaselflove


Check Back often to see what were up in the communities that we serve and content specific to Self Love and other relevant topics.



At the start of each year, we see a huge push to make resolutions and restart with the goal to change our “bad” habits in the new year. As much as ...

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#Selfcare October Blog Post

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Self love, self care, and self empowerment all within the realm of inclusivity are the 3 tenents Lunachick Boutique holds very near and dear to our heart. Below please find resources that include podcasts, blogs, and event we hold that help foster these our Luna family have found valuable and are honored to share with you.


Lunachick Family believes that we are only as strong as the community that surrounds us. A big part of our business culture is to give back to local organizations through a series of fundraisers. Over the past couple weeks we were honored to team up with 3 amazing local women owned businesses, Creative Jawns, By Gabby, and Any Time Treats through our College Pop Up Shops. Lunachick offers our stores along with promoting their business in exchange for a percentage of their sales going to a non profit of their choice. The Renfrew Center of Philadelphia and Women's Way of Philadelphia were the beneficiary of this event combining our passion for fashion, fun and community!

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Lunachick's Monthly Theme

The month of June centers around celebrating love. Lunachick's staff and family embrace and celebrate our LGBTQIA community that includes our staff family members and friends. We see you, we love you and we support you. Love is Love. Say it louder for the people in the back. Love is Love!!!