Welcome to our #lunaselflove page!  Body Positivity and its message of inclusivity, self love, and self empowerment  is something Lunachick Boutique holds very near and dear to our heart.  We are rolling out our #lunaselflove initiative which will include

  • Revamping our social media
  • Providing professional body positivity awareness training to our staff
  • Providing professional diversity training to our staff
  • Increasing our efforts to include more size ranges
  • Opening up the dialogue and working with local resources to support this initiative 
  • Creating this website landing page for content from resources, bloggers, podcasts and more..

Please visit this page for updates on what we are doing.  As a small business owner, we are always trying to do better and be better. Thank you for your continued support.

Love - Laura and Greg Rothstein #lunaselflove