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Boys Lie Baby Blue V2 Shorts
Boys Lie Baby Blue V2 Shorts
$ 79.00

Boys Lie

Boys Lie Baby Blue V2 Shorts

These new Boys Lie sweat shorts are both a want and a need. They have a high-waisted style and elastic waistband that will keep you looking fabulous and comfy!

“Boys fall in love with that they see, girls fall in love with what they hear, that’s why girls wear makeup, and boys lie”.

  • Boys Lie Sweat Shorts
  • 100% Cotton
  • Elastic Waistband
  • Orange Graphic on front

 Oversized Shorts SZN! Introducing Boys Lie Classics V2 Shorts in white with neon orange logo.

SMALL: Inseam (in): 6 Waist: (in) 28 MEDIUM: Inseam (in): 6 Waist (in): 30  LARGE: Inseam (in): 6 Waist (in): 32 EXTRA LARGE: Inseam (in): 6 Waist (in): 

100% Cotton