Summer Jewelry Trends 2022

Runways glittered with jewelry this year. Summer jewelry trends of 2022 feature elaborate designs, chunky chains, and lots of intricate details. Earring trends are dangly and colorful, featuring beads, feathers, and patterned chains. In addition, bracelet trends in 2022 are chunky and colorful. There’s also good news for gold lovers. Gold jewelry trends in 2022 are making a big showing. Gold jewelry showed up on many runways in the form of chunky chains, arm cuffs, big bracelets, and dangly earrings. It’s a good year for gold! 


Summer Jewelry Trends 2022


Several necklace trends that made a showing in a big way on runways in 2022 are the choker, the chunky chain, and a large variety of layered necklaces. Every designer, from Gucci to Etro, had their offering, providing a bold finishing touch to every outfit.


Earring trends include fringes of beads or chains that create a bright decoration.


It’s a great year for gold. Our Sahira Jewelry collection is right in line with the season, glittering with gold, dangling with design, and exquisitely chunky.


It’s also been a year for bracelets. Practically every designer added some big adornment to the wrists of their models. Colors were picked to contrast with the clothing, providing a hard accent to the flowing cloth. Also making a comeback, along with so many Y2K highlights this year: the charm bracelet.


Gold Jewelry That’s On-Trend


Jamie Black Enamel Heart Chain

jamie black enamel heart necklace

Right in line with all the flashiest runway trends of the season, this chunky, gold chain necklace dangles in several layers, with charm-like accents. It’s as if the 2022 runway season asked, and we answered.


CZ Bezel Heart Necklace

CZ Bezel Heart Necklace

Hearts are very in this year. Leading brands in jewelry have been leaning heavily into incorporating hearts into their designs. A small, elegant piece like this CZ Bezel Heart Necklace adds a touch of glitter to any outfit, from evening wear to sweats and jeans. 


Elsie Eternity Bracelet

elsie eternity bracelet

Keeping up with the glitter and gold trend of chunky bracelets, the Elsie Eternity Bracelet adds a little flash of elegant style to any outfit.


Aster Hoop Earrings

Aster Hoop Earrings

Long earrings lengthen the look of the neck and emphasize a good neckline. The Aster Hoop Earrings are really more of a half loop, sparkling over your shoulders and creating a lengthening effect. They are versatile and stylish, whether you’re wearing a blouse or spaghetti straps. Dangly earrings glittered atop most of the outfits on the runways. They are the look of the year.


Figaro Chain Earrings

Figaro Chain Earrings - 2022 Summer Jewelry Trends


These earrings hit the mark with this year’s trends. Dangly gold chains are everything this season embodies. Grab a pair to create a chic runway vibe.


Find more gold hearts, chains, and chunky jewelry in the Sahira Jewelry collection.

This is the year to accessorize. Earring trends are dangly, bracelet trends are chunky, and everything is gold, or colorful and elaborate. It is a year for jewelry and other accessories. Don’t be afraid to add an extra bracelet or get out that pair of earrings you weren’t sure if you could pull off.


Summer jewelry trends in 2022 are colorful, exotic, and elaborate. So, have fun with whatever you choose to wear.

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