With all the excited back-to-school vibes this month, we decided to fittingly make September’s theme a celebration of all things friendship. And, as part of this month’s friendship initiative, we have an inspiring interview with “friend” of Lunachick, Lori Gettis. As co-founder of Evie & Iris (her daughter is the other founder) Lori is heping to support Lunachick’s mission by hosting a pop-up shop at our Newtown location next Sunday. At the event, Evie & Iris will be giving out beautiful handmade friendship bracelets in exchange for canned goods and toiletries for local charities. Meet Lori!

To start, what is Evie & Iris?

Lori passionately explained that Evie & Iris is her and her daughter’s online/pop-up event fashion boutique with a mission to give back. They specialize in stylish products that are hand-crafted by women from all over the globe and they consistently partner with different organizations and charities to further give back through a portion of sales. Lori said, “Evie & Iris was created with my seventeen-year-old daughter to fulfill two lifetime goals: to give back and to learn the business of fashion.” Lori has spent the majority of her career up to now in the pharmaceutical industry but always had a pull towards fashion. She even recounted a story of how, back in high school her Home Economics teacher had actually told her she should pursue fashion. Fortunately, through Evie & Iris, Lori now gets to fulfill this passion through her business which simultaneously fulfills her overall life mission to make a difference and give back.

How do you find new products and vendors to carry?

“I find most online, but I do like to meet the designers in-person whenever I can!” Lori responded. She then went on to detail how she loves “the hunt” and is always searching for new pieces that have the perfect pairing of doing good while looking good. 

What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from starting this business?

Lori excitedly responded that the greatest thing she’s learned thus far is “the power of reverse mentoring.” She then went on to explain how she has learned so much from her seventeen-year-old daughter and also from the Temple graduate they had brought on to create the website. She happily discussed how the younger women in her life and business have taught her so much, and how it’s created this beautiful mutually educational mentorship between them all.

What’s been most gratifying about starting Evie & Iris?

Without any hesitation Lori responded, “The Mother’s Day card I got from my daughter where she told me how much she liked watching me follow my dreams.” She emotionally explained how sentimental and meaningful this was for her and further emphasized that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. 

What’s your future goal/vision for the brand looking ahead?

Lori said that the goal for Evie & Iris going forward is to continue to give back, host meaningful pop-up shops, and to continually find more incredible designers. All-in-all, Lori hopes to just continue the beautiful ecosystem of giving back that Evie & Iris has created.

Lastly, tell me about these bracelets you’ll be giving out next weekend!

Lori said, “The bracelets are made by Mayan Hands, a fair-trade nonprofit organization dedicated to providing economic and education opportunities to Mayan women and girls so that they can build a sustainable future for themselves, their families and communities, as they continue to live within the culture they cherish. The friendship bracelets created by Mayan Hands represent the promise of a better future for Mayan families in Guatemala.”