#TrueToYou August Blog Post

When it comes to fashion, we are constantly inundated with the latest trends, newest styles, and season-to-season “must-haves.” Needless to say, the constant cycle of trying to keep up with what’s “cool” can definitely be overwhelming. However, I’m here to offer you some relief and let you know that it’s OKAY to not get on board with every trend, every season. In fact, you actually shouldn’t take on every trend because, simply put, not every trend is meant for everybody! Whether that’s because said trend doesn’t match your personal style, isn’t flattering for your body type, or you just straight up don’t like it, it really doesn’t matter the reason. Not every trend works for every single person and, in honor of celebrating August’s #TrueToYou theme this month, I’m here to let you know that THAT’S OKAY.

Style icon Rachel Zoe famously said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” I love this quote because it supports this idea that we should make it our mission to dress as true to ourselves as possible so we can best tell the world who we are through our style choices. Fashion and style are meant to be fun and serve as a means of expressing oneself, so it’s pointless then to try to dress in any way other than what is true to you. Trust me, there have been plenty of trends I’ve seen and LOVED on other girls, but just not on myself. Whether it just wasn’t flattering on me or didn’t match my personal style, that trend wasn’t going to make me feel more confident and give me that pep in my step that I so desire from my daily fashion choices. At the end of the day, your clothes are your means of expressing yourself and therefore should honor YOU. They should empower you each day and that’s how you know they’re #TrueToYou!

Photo by Laura D Vargas on Unsplash