We all constantly put so much pressure on ourselves and on one another to “be happy” and “find our happiness.” And, while of course happiness is the goal for all of us, it’s not a destination; it’s not something that you just achieve one day and then are good to go, set for life. Rather, happiness is a state of mind that we have to choose daily and, fortunately, there are little things that we can all do every day to bring more joy into our lives! Life is a journey, and so it’s not about the grand achievements of success that bring us joy but rather the cumulation of all these little joyful moments that truly bring about happiness. So with that all being said, here are some of my personal favorite little ways to bring more joy into my day: 

  1. Sunlight - First thing I do in the morning is open up my curtains and let the sunshine in! This simple act instantly floods my body with gratitude and joy. Whether you implement the same morning habit or just step outside at some point in your day for a quick walk and a little Vitamin D, sunlight is a simple (and free) way to bring more joy into your day!

  2. Podcasts - Subscribe to some podcasts that bring you joy! There’s literally a podcast out there about everything and anything; whether it’s your favorite comedian, motivational speaker, or just girls dishing on reality TV, podcasts are a quick easy way to get out of your own head and bring in a joyful fresh energy!

  3. Little act of kindness for someone you love - Whether this means treating your coworker to a cup of coffee or writing your roommate a sweet note, doing a little something for someone you care about gives both of you a boost of joy!

  4. Self-care - Treat yourself to a little self-care R&R, whether that’s lighting your favorite candle, putting on a face mask, or snuggling up in your favorite sweats, a little YOU time goes a long way to bring a touch of joy into your day. (Oh, and btw, you don’t have to choose just one, you can do all three!)

  5. Gratitude List - Whenever you’re feeling a bit down, make a quick gratitude list. There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for whether it’s the home you live in, the people in your life, or, at the bare minimum, just that you were blessed with another day! Stop, take a deep breath, take a look around, and I guarantee you will find something or someone to be grateful for that brings you joy.

Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash


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